Birthday gift giving – how to make it special

Are you struggling to dream up ideas of what to get someone, but still want them to feel special? We’ve developed some helpful gift-giving tips to put you at the top of your gift giving "A game". And ensure your loved one’s special day turns out even more special than the last.

  1. Go for a topsy-turvy birthday

    Instead of giving just one present, build up the excitement with a series of gifts.
    Give the presents in order of desirability, from the smallest leading up to the end i.e. "the big reveal".

    Make it happen by leaving clues around the house; your loved one must solve the riddles to find their presents (NB: don’t make it too hard, it is their birthday after all). Plan it out like a treasure hunt – no one’s ever too old for that!

    Kick off the hunt by writing the first clue on the bathroom mirror. Then lead the birthday guy or girl to series of delightful surprises throughout the house.

    Get creative. Fill up a closet with balloons and shut the door - when the lucky person opens it they’re showered with a balloon avalanche before seeing the revealed next clue.

    Or, why not turn it into a ‘choose-your-own adventure’ allowing them to organise their day – this can be done through a series of "you rather" questions.

    Enjoy a new active spin on gift giving, and create some fun memories along the way.

  2. Give them "12 days of YOU"

    What’s that?

    12 days out from their birthday, you begin the festivities, by starting small and then finalising the 12th day with something special.

    Who said that a birthday has to be restricted to a single day? Why not give them the "12 Days of YOU" as a precursor to their day?

    For Example
    1. "On the 1st Day of You your True Love gave to you… a trip to the movies"
    2. "On the 2nd Day of You your True Love gave to you… the funniest personalised t-shirt you’ve ever seen"
    3. "On the 3rd Day of You your True Love gave to you… the perfect excuse not to cook"
    By counting down the days in this way you’ll gradually increase the excitement of their special day!
  3. Give them their very own shopping spree

    You know the saying; "happy as a kid in a candy store".

    One way to categorically ensure that their day feels fresh is to make their wildest dreams come true. By wildest dreams we obviously mean a day-long shopping spree.

    With a Westfield Gift Card in hand, set your loved one loose in the candy-store of their dreams; a shopping day completely dedicated to them!

    But don’t just stop there. Go along with them to be their ‘personal assistant’ for a day (whatever it takes to make it special – if you have to be the Sherpa, then so be it!)

    Better yet, give them some fresh "plastic" and set them loose with a "personal shopping" stylist at their favourite Westfield store, or perhaps treat them to the valet parking at one of the Westfield destination centres that they’ve never been too like Westfield Sydney, or Doncaster.

    As an FYI, this is the perfect way out of offering bogus fashion advice (and doing the heavy lifting!) while still making it feel extra special.

  4. Give them a themed birthday

    One way to make it easy on you, as well as memorable for the birthday guy/gal is to base their birthday around a single word.

    The trick is to pick a word that describes them down-to-the-ground; like "funny" or, if they’re a little bit try-hard; "hipster". From there, everything that you buy for them/do with them, must ladder up to that one theme.

    If they’re the funny type, perhaps buy them a classic self-deprecating card, prepare breakfast in bed with a twist…

    Maybe a round of "crazy golf" during the day? A "stand-up" night at the local would be the perfect way to cap off their "comedy-gold" day!

    To open yourself up to even more opportunities, be sure to have at least one Westfield Gift Card up your sleeve. Pick one up on your next visit to a Westfield shopping centre, or find them online.

  5. Yes, it’s cheesy. But, it does show you really care!

    One way to make the birthday person feel extra special is to document the entire year. Try putting together 365 ways that you…

    1. Make me smile
    2. Are the most important person in my life
    3. Cannot cook!

    Or, if you’re stuck for ideas, you can always get creative with a personalised "themed calendar" for the birthday girl or guy:

    1. 12 ways you impress me
    2. Your 12 funniest "fails"
    3. 12 times I’ve never lol’d so hard with you

    It means more when it’s homemade (even if it’s a bit cheeky!)

    P.P.S When I said "what better than a Gift Card" what I really meant was "get me a Westfield Gift Card". Please. I don’t want to have to write you another letter.