Gift Certificate

A Westfield Gift Card is a gift certificate and Aladdin’s Cave in one!

A Westfield Gift Card offers so much more than a gift certificate. It’s the key to the ultimate indulgence, opening doors to over 8000 stores in Westfield centres throughout Australia. They can shop, dine, experience, entertain themselves and enjoy to their heart’s content, choosing exactly what they want, when they want it.

A new seasons outfit? Yes! A luxurious spa experience? Yes! A romantic dinner for two? Yes! Unlike a gift certificate, there’s almost no limit to the indulgences a Westfield Gift Card can deliver.

The new XS by Westfield Gift Cards is the gift certificate that goes where they go, letting them indulge just about anywhere and spend it on just about anything - wherever EFTPOS is available (at retailers discretion).

Unlike most traditional gift certificates, Westfield Gift Cards and XS by Westfield Gift Cards

  1. can be used multiple times across multiple retailers
  2. can be replaced if lost or stolen
  3. can have the balance checked online or on the phone

A Westfield Gift Card is also the gift certificate that’s available for purchase online, mobile and in centre.

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