Our Top 5 Ideas for Making a Gift Card Special

Sometimes the most special part of giving a gift card is in the delivery. As they say about a great trip or holiday - getting there is half the fun.

This is never truer than when it comes to giving a Westfield Gift Card. With all of the options for spending and personalising, a gift card can say far more than you might think.

Here are some great tips to add an extra special kick to your gift card giving!

  1. Gift card with the promise of an afternoon out together

    Sometimes the gift isn’t just about the gift, it’s about making the present memorable. In this case, it’s the gift of spending time and a gift card together. What a gift!

    Why not plan a day out that you and your loved one can have together; a new hair-do, lunch and then a shopping spree to cap it all off?

    Make sure when you’re giving the gift card, to nominate a day in the not too distant future so it’s locked away.

  2. A letter can make a gift card a thousand times more memorable

    A letter to a loved one can often mean more than any present or amount of money (unless we’re talking about winning the lotto of course).

    It doesn’t have to be a work of art worthy of Shakespeare. It just has to be sincere. Here are some quick ways to help you get started.

    1. Think of the past year you’ve had with them and write a quick list of special moments that really stood out for you both.
    2. Write five words that you value most about them. Now start arranging them in simple sentences.
    3. The best stuff will naturally rise to the top and presto, an awesome, thoughtful letter that they’ll cherish.
    Handy Tips:
    1. If you want to take it to the next level make it a handwritten letter – just make sure it’s legible!
    2. Search through your photos and social media accounts to find pictures that represent those special moments. Add them to your letter.
    3. If you aren’t necessarily the most sentimental person then use references that you both understand to drive your point home (for example, tell them they’re cooler than cool…they’re ice cold! Of course, they need to know Hey Ya by OutKast for this one to work but then again, who doesn’t know OutKast?!)
    4. If you’ve got a great list of moments from your year, maybe break up your gift card into smaller denominations and use each card to reference the moment.
  3. Gift card selfie –personalise the gift card with a picture and a message – think of me when you’re enjoying this

    The saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words...well in this case try to make the picture worth a thousand dollars, then get it printed onto the gift card. Now strike a pose.

    1. The classic smiling selfie (it’s a classic for a reason).
    2. Try something different...pretend to be trapped in the card
    3. Find some meaningful props… A fake moustache if the recipient is a hipster or a snorkel, mask and flippers for the ocean-lover
    4. Give a number of picture gift cards of smaller denominations, that when put together make a larger image (this one takes a bit of thinking, but is totally worth it)
  4. Gift card dub smash – say it with song

    There is nothing like a song to say how special you are. In fact there are plenty of songs that are written for that very purpose…and we think everything can be said with a Spice Girls song:

    1. Elton John – Your Song
    2. Eurythmics - Sisters are doing it for themselves
    3. Bruno Mars – Count on me
    4. Queen - You’re My Best Friend
    5. The Spice Girls – Wannabe
    6. The Spice Girls – Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)
    7. The Spice Girls – Mama

    We’re sure you have a favourite.

    Why not accompany your gift card with a song rendition.

    Use one of these apps to help you out.

    1. Lip Dub
    2. Dubsmash
  5. Trojan gift card – hidden inside something

    What’s better than a gift?

    A gift you’re not expecting!

    The trick here is to hide the gift card in plain sight as the little addition to make their present extra special. It can be small but make sure it’s thoughtful.

    The letter, which we mentioned above, is great for this idea, as it adds a very personal touch.

    Or, a classic is the ol’ small box in a big box in a bigger box in the biggest box trick…

    Another great one is giving what could be considered an average gift, such as an outrageously bling-y wallet, and hiding the gift card inside it!

    Or, if you have an iPhone and a sneaky streak, consider putting the Gift Card in the iPhone box and wrap it up. You then get to see the joy in their eyes when they think it’s an iPhone, then the greater joy at seeing a Westfield Gift Card instead!

    However, the crème de la crème would be a delicious combination of all of the above ideas – a lovely letter coupled with a Gift Card in a surprising wallet in an iPhone box in at least 3 boxes of increasing size…brilliant.

    So what are you waiting for? Order a Gift Card online, or pick one up in store , and get gifting!