The Gifts I Wish I Got for Christmas... and the Gifts I Actually Received

This is a recount of gifts given that were oh so close to the mark, but still missed. This is about The Things I Wish I Got for Christmas vs. The Things I Got.

We hit the streets (i.e. the office) to talk to victims of NTRT (Need To Return Tomorrow).

∗Names have been altered for anonymity.

Mark – "I have a friend who isn’t keen on kids. She gave me this for Christmas after I had a baby with a card that said "now your baby is useful" …I’m not sure if she was joking."

(Mark says he’d never put this on his child, but his floor is suspiciously clean)

Rachael – "I had been with this guy for about a month when he came to my parents place for my birthday. I asked for a new pair of skiing mittens, they got me these together mittens instead… "

(Safe to say Rachael’s new boyfriend ran for the hills, with one very cold hand)

Sarah – "My mum realised that I enjoyed wearing my ugg boots around the house in winter. So she decided to get me some that I could ‘wear to the shops’...I think my eyesight has been permanently damaged from the shine."

("Those look classy AND comfy!" – said no one ever about these golden uggs)

Pete – "I don’t mind the usual socks, jocks and chocs combo from the kids...last year they decided to change it up and get me a few ties. When I first glimpsed the colours I thought they had found my old unitard from my days as an aerobics instructor in the "80"s! They were so bad that I’ve booked the kids in for an eye test…"

(The colour palette of Pete’s ties)

Luke – "I think the weirdest gift I’ve ever gotten was a pair of hedge trimmers from my aunty. I’ve never been into hedges...or gardening...or the outdoors...and I live in an apartment."

("What an odd pair of scissors" – Luke when he opened the hedge clippers)

( "At least I know how to use a notepad " - Luke circa last year)

Gift giving is meant to be a happy occasion.

This year, why not hit the nail on the head and give them a Westfield Gift Card instead.