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If I encounter difficulties processing an order on the site, what do I do?
At what stores can I use the Westfield and XS Gift Card?
Why can't I use my Gift Card at some Westfield stores?
Does a Gift Card expire?
Where can I buy a Gift Card?
For what amounts can I purchase a Gift Card?
How can I pay for a Gift Card?
Can I add more money onto a Gift Card?
Can I get my money refunded?
How do I activate my card?
Can I buy something that costs more or less than the value on my Gift Card?
Can I use more than one Gift Card in a purchase?
Can I exchange my Gift Card for cash?
Can I withdraw money from my Gift Card?
Can I redeem Gift Cards online?
How do I know how much money is left on my Gift Card?
Where can I find the PIN, card number and reference number?
What do I do if I believe there is mistake with my Gift Card balance?
Is my information safe when I use the online service to check my Gift Card details?
Can I check my Gift Card transaction history?
Can I check my Westfield Gift Card balance in-store?
What do I do if my Westfield Gift Card is lost, stolen or damaged?